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To embrace and enhance your cycling experience Fondo places an emphasis on fit and endurance. Cycling can take you anywhere and everywhere but Fondo represents more than covering a defined distance at a certain speed. The Fondo collection represents adventure, the passion for road biking and a love for the ride.

In 2014, POC entered the road cycling scene with the award winning AVIP concept. AVIP stands for Attention, Visibility, Interaction and Protection and remains our most ambitious initiative to date, promoting safety for road cyclist.

2015 marked another proud moment in our development as we introduced Raceday. Developed to optimize and enhance performance when racing, Raceday aims to give competitive cyclists the most optimal equipment in their quest to win.

Built on the knowledge and experience gained in creating AVIP and Raceday, we are proud to introduce the Fondo concept. Fondo places an uncompromising emphasis on fit and comfort to embrace and enhance the passion associated with road cycling.

Your apparel is essential for your riding experience and each ride brings new challenges dictated by weather, distance, riding conditions and intensity. We have strived to craft cycling garments for all your unique rides and through close collaboration with textile engineers, ambassadors and team athletes we have uncovered new ways to promote comfort and performance.

The feedback from our partners has given us invaluable guidance and knowledge within design, manufacturing and making. Together we have researched different fabrics, panels and compositions and the insights have been carefully transferred and translated into the products to meet the needs of dedicated cyclists. Our goal has been to develop road cycling apparel that improves your ride and supports every pedal revolution.

But Fondo is about more than covering a defined distance requirement and cycling is simply more than the time you spend on your bike. It is the anticipation of a new adventure where each ride tells a unique story. Your journey begins long before your ride.

Fondo is about finding a route, planning a trip and exploring something new. It marks new encounters and experiences; from historical, scenic and breathtaking rides to exciting cities, fascinating cultures and interesting people. From demanding climbs, thrilling descents to a refreshing route along an unexplored shoreline.

Cycling can take you anywhere and everywhere – alone or with friends. No matter the location, the conditions or the route; Fondo is about the adventure - fueled with passion and driven by curiosity to explore something new.

Fondo is passion for road cycling and a love for the ride.

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